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Jennings furniture Modern icons: jens risom chairs

Jennings furniture You've noticed them round - how did these stylish strappy lounge and eating chairs evolve? It was a mix of an imported skill from Denmark, a friendship, a road shuttle, and an unlikely surplus of parachute straps when different fabrics have been scarce. Let me again up. It all began while Jens (suggested "Yenns") Risom left his local Denmark as a young guy & arrived in New York City in 1938 in search of to be informed extra about modern furnishings layout. While opportunities for learning it were scarce, he sooner or later teamed up with entrepreneur Hans Knoll, & they set across the united states on a road shuttle to talk over with brand new architects and be informed extra in regards to the possible market for up to date furniture.

Not simplest did Risom design 15 of the primary 20 Knoll pieces while the company launched in 1942, he additionally designed their first brand. Soon after he used to be drafted via the army to serve in World War II, & whilst he came back, he introduced his personal corporate, where he made sure that each design was of the best quality from a comic strip to the completed product to featuring them in images taken via Richard Avedon. He undoubtedly succeeded, as his iconic furniture is still in production today. By the best way, he still has a hand in furnishings layout, the up to date being a collaboration with Rocket and Benchmark to re-unencumber his Nineteen Fifties & Sixties furniture in Europe.

Necessity Inspired Ingenious '40s Strap-and-Wood Seating.

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